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Kerry Stevens

ICB Certified in Bookkeeping & Accounts

CMP Diploma in SEO Content Writing

Kerry has applied her 30 years of office management, business development, and financial experience to become the founder of Virtruly.


Kerry is super organised, and she lives by her to-do list.


Bringing order from chaos is what she does best.

Favourite quote:  "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself".

Fun fact:  Kerry once completed a marathon on roller-boots.

Cameron Karri

BA Hons in Marketing Management

BTEC in Business (Distinction)

Cameron is ambitious, passionate, full of exciting ideas, and he never stops thinking and creating.  


If you let Cameron know your business goals, he will work with you to achieve them, using the latest advances in digital engagement and business support.

Favourite quote:  "Stopping advertising to save money, is like stopping your watch to save time".

Fun fact:  Cameron once missed the finish line in a race and kept running at full pelt for another half a mile.

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Janine White

BA Hons in Open Social Sciences

MA in Crime and Justice

With an education in sociological and psychological inquiry, Janine looks for answers to many of life’s questions.

Janine specialises in research, analysis, and writing.


Janine’s unique approach  delivers engaging and thought-provoking content every time. 

Favourite quote:  "Seek first to understand and then to be understood".

Fun fact:  Apparently Janine climbs through caves like a gerbil in a drainpipe.

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Licence No:  ICB101507